The historic, seaside Village of Cowichan Bay is located in one of the premier sailing & cruising areas in the world. The Gulf Islands and eastern shores of Vancouver Island are unique in the boating world. Wilderness and rugged west coast beauty are combined with a well-developed infrastructure for marine tourism.

Seaside cottages on stilts. .... Stilt cottages

A large portion of the Village is built over the water on stilts. In addition to shops and restaurants, the town has a row of unique cottages on the water each displaying it's own character. Some of the homes have been opened to the public as bed & breakfast guest houses.

Cowichan Bay is still a working harbour shipping lumber worldwide and home to an active fishing fleet that brings salmon, tuna, crab, and prawns to her docks. The village has an extensive marine services infrastructure that includes skilled trades people, marine ways, and marine equipment suppliers. The residents of Cowichan Bay are a large part of its unique charm. 'Locals' include a vibrant, eclectic, group of individual water dwellers occupying floathomes and liveaboard vessels.


.....Lumber ships worldwide from Cowichan Bay..........................Fishing fleet at the dock.

.....The 'Von Do It' - a local liveaboard................. A two-mast vesel that calls Cowichan Bay home.



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